Large casual tote bag by Etnustenun becomes an option of fashion style, designed for simply independently casual women who are coming from diverse backgrounds of personal life and interest. The best tote bags ethnic made exclusively for exclusive elegance women. It can carry a lot stuffs, from working stuffs to woman stuffs, very suitable for woman who have a living way either as casually independent or simply mother who belongs to lovely family.

ASTULA comes out as the best version through the exclusiveness of the high quality standard and the uniqueness of the Indonesian ethnic fabricPeople consider to what type of person you are from the style of outfits you wear as something people usually aware of. This ethnic tote bag stands you out of grooming and greeting, the bag which can be used as working bag as well as daily bag. You can get ASTULA in our woven bags online store! Our ethnic tote bags large are pretty limited!

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USD 94.00

Dimension : 36 x 15 x 30 cm

Features :

  • Three compartments
  • Main zipped compartment
  • Two magnetic side compartmen
  • Iron cast or white nickel as accessories
  • 74 cm length (non adjustable) Handle loops

Handmade by local sewer in Bali Indonesia.

Casual tote bag made from denim and Indonesian ethnic fabric famous as tenun songket, made traditionally by Balinese women. Tenun Songket from Bali has become an integral part of the Balinese ceremonial wardrobe since years ago.

A village in Karangasem, located on the valley of Mount Agung is known as a village producing high quality tenun songket, the village is Sidemen.

The motif is connected with the typical motifs of the local culture and local geographic.

Storage and Cleaning Suggestion :

  • Do not store in a damp place to avoid the mold.
  • Store in a dust free place
  • Put silica gel in the storage
  • Recommend a dry-washing to protect the quality of the handwoven
  • To avoid the musty smell, after use, let the bag breath for a while in the open space before put it back in to storage.

Made to order contact to, the motif of the Ethnic Fabric will be based on the availability.

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Motif Option
Large Casual Tote Bag
Sekar Segare
Stock : 2
Ethnic Tote Handbag
Burung Merak
Stock : 1
Ikat Indonesia Tote Bag
Trudak 01
Stock : 1
Large Tote Bag
Trudak 02
Stock : 1

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