Indigenous people in Lombok, West Nusatenggara are known as SASAK tribes. They are very well known for their traditional weaving skills whilst weaving in Lombok's native language is Sesek. A Travel Organizer Wallet made from tenun sasak combining with denim and genuine leather is not only an inovation to present Indonesian handwoven in your traveling enthusiast, but it's another way to tell people about your identity.

CHEDANA is a crafted hand-finished travel organizer documents with high quality standard and some detail techniques. It will keep your ticket, passport, and all your travel documents are safe. No matter you are a traveling enthusiast men or women, CHEDANA is fits in anyway. It's produce exclusively for the travellers who who love handmade products and having ethnic look style enthusiast. Don't miss CHEDANA, it's a limited item of travel organizer wallet!

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USD 42.00

Dimension : 13 x 4 x 23 cm

Features :

  • Two open compartment
  • One zipped compartmen
  • One card slot in both side
  • One passport slot in both side
  • One ticket slot in both side
  • One pen holder
  • Front pocket
  • Wide Zipper
  • Cowhide genuine leather as accessories

Handmade by local sewer in Bali Indonesia

The motif is connected with the typical motifs of the tribal region.

Storage and Cleaning Suggestion :

  • Do not store in a damp place to avoid the mold.
  • Store in a dust free place
  • Put silica gel in the storage
  • Recommend a dry-washing to protect the quality of the handwoven
  • To avoid the musty smell, after use, let the wallet breath for a while in the open space before put it back in to storage.
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Motif Option
Travel Organizer Passport
Tenun Sasak
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