Handmade wristlet made from Indonesian tribal handwoven combining with canvas. The Indonesian tribal handwoven made through traditional weaving by indigenous women in Bali Indonesia. This handwoven vintage wristlet from Etnustenun is designed for those who love simple look. This Handwoven wristlet is produce for our exclusive customers who love handmade products.

You will love to have our handwoven vintage wristlet for your light activities to keep your money and your gadget. Don't miss them, they are all limited items handwoven wristlet! Visit ID page for Domestic (Indonesian) customers.

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USD 19.00

Woven Style :

  • Tenun Songket, traditional hand-woven fabric from Bali Indonesia
  • Tenun Sasak, a traditional-hand-woven fabric from Lombok Indonesia
  • Tenun Pahikung, a traditional-hand-woven fabric from Sumba Indonesia

Dimension : 19 x 10 cm

Features :

  • Two zipped compartment
  • Back sipped pocket
  • Wrist strap
  • Cowhide genuine leather as accessories

Handmade by local sewer in Bali Indonesia.

The motif is connected with the typical motifs of the tribal region.

Storage and Cleaning Suggestion :

  • Do not store in a damp place to avoid the mold.
  • Store in a dust free place
  • Put silica gel in the storage
  • Recommend a dry-washing to protect the quality of the handwoven
  • To avoid the musty smell, after use, let the wristlet breath for a while in the open space before put it back in to storage.
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Motif Option
Handmade Wristlet
Burung Merah in Yellow Green
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Woven Handmade Wristlet
Burung Pink in Yellow Green
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Ethnic Handmade Wristlet
Burung Kuning in Yellow Green
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