About Us

What is Textiles Nusantara?

Indonesia is a country who’s having a lot of tribes in each region, it makes Indonesia having unique textile in each tribe known as Textile Nusantara, one of them is woven fabrics. Handwoven fabrics are made by women to support their livelihood. For indigenous people in Lombok, women are considered eligible to be married after have been proven of their skill to make hand-woven fabrics. We colaborate with women weaver to support them.

Etnus Story

Lely, founder and owner of Etnustenun is a Handwoven enthusiast, with her casual character and lifestyle she giving her idea to make ethnic vintage bags, handmade wallet and handwoven accessories from Traditional Hand Woven Fabric in order to use them in daily life. Our products are handmade and exclusively produce for exclusive customers. 

Etnus Commitment

Etnus always strive to present the high quality of handwoven items, further adding to the aesthetic value of the Hand-woven itself. We are proudly present our high quality product of Handwoven to the world and make them in love with our culture further more.